135-B Press Conference Room

The 135-B Press Conference Room is located in West Block on Parliament Hill.

The 135-B Press Conference Room offers the following:

  • teleconferencing equipment
  • projector and screen
  • television monitors to view DVDs
  • easels
  • technical support
  • audio and videotaping of your event (upon request)
  • green room for privacy prior to the start of event

Please note:

  • this room is not equipped for simultaneous interpretation
  • a moderator is not supplied and is not permitted
  • there is no charge to use this facility.

Rules for the 135-B Press Conference Room:

No materials can be placed on the front stage, e.g. posters, maps. They must be set-up on easels and placed on the floor next to the stage.

Only seven people, including the main speakers, are allowed on stage in the 135-B Press Conference Room.

All seating in the 135-B Press Conference Room is reserved for journalists and others who are accredited by the Press Gallery. Officials, staff or interest groups connected with the news conference are asked to stand near the back of the room

Hosts are reminded that opening statements should total 5 minutes and that press conferences should last no longer than 30 minutes.

Through an arrangement with the Parliamentary Television Network, all news conferences held in the 135-B Press Conference Room are broadcast live on Channel 161 of the PTN system. Staff not permitted in the 135-B Press Conference Room during the news conference can watch on a monitor on the first floor of the National Press Building.