Canadian Parliamentary Press Gallery Members

On the following page you will find a list of Press Gallery members, broken down into various categories. The list and the various categories are updated monthly and any changes appear on "Changes this Month".

The following changes were made to the list for the month
Les changements suivants ont été apportés à la liste pour le mois
Issa, Omayra 613-567-2722 CPAC, 1750-45 O’Connor
Zhao-Murray, Jay 613-667-4805 Bloomberg News, 46 Elgin, Suite 110
McCarten, James 613-231-8601 The Canadian Press, 56 Sparks, suite 705
Gallagher, Kevin 613-236-7343 CTV, 1400-100 Queen
Mackenzie, Pam 613-236-7343 CTV, 1400-100 Queen
Smith, Joanna   The Canadian Press
Gallagher, Kevin   Freelance
Mackenzie, Pam   Freelance
Smith, Joanna   Freelance